Use THIS To Close More

Use this strategy to close more deals

The only reason I’ve gotten to this point in my life today is my ability to close people on ME and my ideas. This skill is so important I’ve decided to write this article on closing more deals.

Just because you don’t have a career in sales does not mean you shouldn’t be curious about the process. Gathering support from others, getting that extra pay increase etc. of any kind requires the art of closing most of the time.

THE DEFINITION OF A CLOSE: when the seller and buyer agree to the conditions of the sale and exchange something of value.

Here is how to leverage closing to get ahead


In short, the must-use strategy to close more deals is urgency. Of course, there is a little more to it than that and we’re going to get further into this tactic here.


I once had a professor in my first (and only) semester of college. He asked the class “How would you sell the most amount of hot dogs?”. The class names off multiple ways…“dropping the price to 99 cents” “buying the best quality meat” “cooking them fresh”…the professor turned with a grin. “The tried and true way to sell the most hotdogs is to find a starving crowd”. 

above statement is completely true. You wouldn’t buy food if you weren’t hungry, would you?

However, you must tie the urgency to a genuine benefit to the buyer.

Creating Urgency

In order to ethically use this tactic, you have to understand the motivation of WHY your customer is looking at your product or service.

People buy the same product or support the same thing for different reasons.

Therefore, knowing the motivation allows you to solve their problem and create urgency. This also makes you their problem solver. That is because you are providing relief by being able to help them as quickly as possible.

In turn, becoming more valuable. 

All in all, creating urgency is the strategy that will allow you to close more deals no matter the product or service you sell. Finding out the problem or reason they are looking for your product or service gives you the clue to the close. Become a master problem solver, 

Kamron Engler