This Won’t Happen Again…

Today is 2.22.22, This wont happen again for another century. And to top it off it just so happens to be a Tuesday.

Reminds me a lot of that movie with Leonardo DiCaprio, Inception

Since today is #Twosday — I figure it’d be good to do a little inception on you, to plant an idea in your mind that could transform your life.

According to the dictionary, inception means…the establishment or starting point of an institution or activity.

Every HUGE thing that happens in life, whether a movement, a piece of technology, a new business that transforms a society…can all be traced back to an IDEA.

An idea that came to someone’s mind and REFUSED to go away.

There are millions of people who have ideas, a thought that could change the world. That could impact millions…but only a select few ultimately ACT on them.

One single idea, with action, can illustrate the rest of your life.

This Won't Happen Again… 2

In order for new ideas to come in you have to get rid of the old ones.

Get rid of the ideas that aren’t working for you.

Here are 2 NEW ideas you should consider…2 ideas that can transform you this year:

#1 If You Hate Your Job, Go Harder

When I first started selling real estate I absolutely hated it.

I hated it, not because the money wasn’t there, but because I just wasn’t successful at it yet.

Once I doubled down on the thing I hated, truly pouring all my effort & taking time to learn every aspect, everything started to changed.

I read TONS of sales books, and studied marketing strategies big corporations were doing…and I started to become great at it.

It’s always POWERFUL to become GREAT, right?

Even what sounds daunting can become a fun game of chess once you know want you’re doing, were you’ve went wrong and have monetary success.

Many jobs that suck are actually AMAZING jobs if you go harder on it.

Because when you go all in to anything…opportunity arises.

#2 Sacrifice Today

You know…watching TV, Going out, using the weekend as “relax” time when.

I used to waste time, especially on the weekend.

It wasn’t until I began working weekends, I started increasing my wins and actually enjoyed my free time even more.

Who says you need to work 5 days and take 2 days off?

Or why take Sunday off if you are going to be struggling to pay your basic living expenses at the end of the month?

Stop being so AVERAGE.

Because average…is never extraordinary.

Maybe it’s time you start working Saturdays —maybe even Sundays temporarily.. I don’t think Jesus would rather you take Sunday to “rest” instead of keeping a roof over your family’s head…put in the time now so you can free more of your time later!

Hopefully This IDEA will trigger something in your mind today, that will alter your world forever. I want to see you win, to have that freedom everyone desires.

Talk Soon,