BOOM: Record Breaking Short Term Rental Sales in North Georgia

It’s official — North Georgia is one of the most notorious short term rental real estate markets in the U.S. Local sales are breaking records and attracting investors like never before.

According to Mashvisor, 2021 marks a record-smashing year for singlefamily real estate investing. Within RE/MAX Town & Country alone sales exceeded $930 million.

And the numbers are projected to skyrocket from there across 2022.

Massive new sales record

But that’s not the only record crushed.

As far as median price per home goes, Blue Ridge and Ellijay reached an all-time high. For example, each boast average rents of over $247 nightly rate.

Sky-high rent prices in North Georgia

Let’s take a closer look at rent increases for each county:

  • Gilmer County: +42.1%

Fannin County: + 100% — Literally doubled — another record-breaking stat as the highest rent increase North Georgia has ever seen in a single year

The REI opportunity of a lifetime

There’s no chance of stopping buyers anytime soon. Investors from out of state will keep pouring billions into the short term rental sector, and North Georgia will continue to dominate as the “One of the hottest real estate markets in the U