3 Marketing Mistakes To Overcome

First, you need to understand where your customers are in their buyer journey when they come across your product or service.

Are they just getting started and looking for information? Do they know what they want but still have questions? Are they ready to buy now?

The more you can map out these different stages and tailor your message accordingly, the better. That means creating content for each stage, providing resources along the way that are both informative and entertaining so that your prospects can learn more about you and develop a relationship with your brand.

You may not get an immediate sale when you start at the bottom of the pyramid, but by consistently catering to where they’re at in their buyer journey you can build trust — which is essential if you want them to eventually commit and purchase from you.

So don’t rush into ‘buy now’ marketing just yet; take the time to woo your customers first! Put yourself in their shoes and create messages tailored specifically to them — then watch how quickly they go from prospecting to committing.

Mistake #1

Almost two-thirds of your customers are new to you, but don’t let that be intimidating! You can make the first move and create a connection with these newcomers by delivering useful information or providing solutions through ad campaigns, social media posts, Google searches – think outside the box. It’s important not to come on too strong right off the bat; focus more on bringing value rather than making grand statements like ‘I’m The Best’. Take it slow at first so they can get comfortable and recognize why you’ve become their go-to resource.

Solution: Turn Strangers Into Friends

Want to make a good impression? Start with an exchange. Listen to learn what the customer wants and provide them something of value – no sales pitches needed! It might be helpful advice, interesting content or even a competition they can enter into. Once you have their attention, seal the deal by introducing yourself through trusted sources like media coverage or word-of mouth referrals that your customers can vouch for. Establishing trust is key in making meaningful connections and building lasting relationships.

3 Marketing Mistakes To Overcome 2

Mistake #2: Ignoring Their Curiosity

The curious 20% of customers have already recognized their problems and identified you as the solution. They know your brand, but make sure to stay top-of-mind: it’s easy to lose them if they don’t feel like part of the conversation! Before diving into sales funnels and setting up campaigns on Google Ads or Facebook, take a step back; nothing matters more than knowing who these people are – not just basic demographics data points like age & location – build an intimate relationship with each one so that any marketing efforts can be tailored for specific to each customer.

Solution: Find Out What They Want To Know

Your success in marketing depends on how well you understand your customer’s needs. What are their “hair-on-fire” questions that need to be answered? Uncover these by looking through forums like Quora, Reddit and Whirlpool – or check out AnswerThePublic.com for great insights into exactly what customers are thinking about, the queries they have, and issues they desperately need help with!

Your front line staff are the first and most important rapport with customers. Unlock their knowledge to build an arsenal of solutions that will make you a leader in customer service! Gather their questions, then craft content such as FAQs, webinars, blog posts & more – showing the world just how responsive and attuned to consumers’ needs you truly are. Get creative; be proactive so everyone knows it’s you and your company leading the way for unbeatable customer satisfaction!

Mistake #3: You Sell Yourself, Not The Relationship

The ‘Gatherer’ is a segment of the market on the rise and ready to take their next step. It’s important for businesses today to recognize that relationships need nurturing before we can expect anything from them – you don’t hit up your friends with sales pitches, so why should it be any different? If a company wants this 17% in its corner, relationship building must come first.

Solution: Nurture The Relationship

To create a successful and lasting relationship, you must constantly build value. Show your commitment to them by being the first one willing to take initiative – be it through sending helpful emails, hosting webinars, or videos so they can learn more about what makes you great! Have an irresistible offer in tow such as guarantee of satisfaction, freemium models like offering free trials for 30-days, consultations on demand and even events where their expectations will not only meet but exceed yours!


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Convert The Buyers

When your prospects get to the buying stage, it’s time for you to put a ring on it! Offer them extra value and incentives so they’ll be ready to sign that dotted line. Make sure each part of your marketing corresponds with where the prospect is in their journey—including taking them straight from landing pages out into product-specific campaigns urging action. Put together an enticing proposal designed just for them and watch those conversions add up!

Marketing isn’t just about plugging your products – it’s evolved… diving deep into the customer journey to find out where they’re at in their buying process. Reaching out with messaging tailored specifically to them. Doing these simple yet detailed strategies can mean all the difference between striking gold or missing the mark entirely!

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